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Well, first thing's first. My name's Jess Marie, and Im 17 years old. Taken as of 1/17/13. <3
Im only 5'2 and super quiet in person at first >.< Im a senior at Riverside Academy. I really love cosplaying :3
I love smoking weed, hookah and cigarettes with my friends. Taco Bell is my second home, and Baja Blast is better than every pop ever made. c:
I really love piercings, tattoos and plugs; I have my lip pierced and 00g plugs but I dont know if I want to go bigger at the moment ._.
I dont have any tattoos yet but I plan on getting some when I can. I want to get the La Dispute logo on my arm to cover up some of my old self-harm scars.
Umm... I have no idea what else to put here but if you want to get to know me better, message me c:


au where all the money i have in video games gets transferred into my bank account

hermione + text posts


Do you ever have that one line in a song that just means the world to you and has this deeper meaning that you feel just explains everything and then your friends listen to it and are just like that’s cool but you’re like NO  THAT LINE IS JUST EVERYTHING HOW DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND and you realize just how much music means to you



they say the best things in life are free

is food free

is internet free

guess not



Me: Hmm, it’s 11:30, I’ll just check tumblr before bed
Me: Why is it 3am now


real talk: shaped mac n cheese tastes better than regular mac n cheese


every time I find a youtube video with comments disabled I wonder what kind of shit went down


What if everything was just a bad dream and you wake up to a perfect life

♈ ARIES: Their courage, independent natures and love for life
♉ TAURUS: Their sensuality, dependability, and how they are down to earth
♊ GEMINI: Their enthusiasm, witty/humorous personalities and how they are fun-loving
♋ CANCER: Their selflessness, understanding for other people's emotions, and how they are family and friend-oriented
♌ LEO: Their charisma, ambition and ability to lift people's spirits
♍ VIRGO: Their reliability, honesty and how they love to please others
♎ LIBRA: Their charming personalities, romantic natures and how they are laid-back
♏ SCORPIO: Their passionate natures, deep intuition and strong determination
♐ SAGITTARIUS: Their optimistic outlook on life, straightforwardness and love for adventure
♑ CAPRICORN: Their patience, loyalty and ambitious natures
♒ AQUARIUS: Their open-mindedness, inventive minds and humanitarian acts
♓ PISCES: Their imagination, strong devotion and compassionate natures